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chop is the method of a kind of edible of chop, a lot of people like quite to chop, because nutrition is delicate, and can make it all sorts of delicate food, and chop is means of among them a kind of edible, the practice about chop is below.

What does the practice of    chop have?

One, raw material:

Chop 250 grams, tomato 2, wine of garlic Chengdu, refined salt, soy, carry on, gourmet powder, clear soup each are right amount.

Make a way: 1, chop behead grows diamonds, float water, wine of the Chengdu that add garlic, soy, refined salt, carry on mixes divide evenly, bloat be soiled 30 minutes. Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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2, tomato is ironed slightly with boiled water, flay and seed, section.

3, the clear soup in boiler burns boil, put chop, tomato to burn boil again, turn small fire bright 10 minutes, add flavor of mix up of soy, gourmet powder, receive juice to install with conflagration dish. Caraway, flowerLove Shanghai newly to be the same asFall in love with the sea

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Act the role of dish.

What does the practice of    chop have?

2, method / measure

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1, buy chop in the market above all, attention, buy the in front of of chop, the chop carry momentum here is big, more delicious; The stripping and slicing after going back, wash completely

2, this step is important all the more, bloat chop, add sauce of oily, soy, unripe pink, chop, oyster sauce to chop inside, mix is even, bloat 40 minutes, let chop tasty, this crucial step that measure is chop flavour stand or fall

3, wait for ginger, green, garlic had cut, this need not how many, section, cut bead. Reserve

4, burn boiler red, cheer, ginger, garlic, a few salt have pot, taste after coming out, be chop tile in boiler, notice tile, easy ripe, lower levels is not light anxious, conflagration decoct 3-5 minute, change of slow fire decoct 10 minutes, impose cap. Turn over chop after ten minutes, if chop is less, shorten appropriately if firepower is sufficient time.

5, both sides after decoct became good, break up namely fry, put down green, continue to break up fry a few times can. The decoct chop of lubricious fragrance completely is OK

What does the practice of    chop have?

3, note

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When noticing decoct, did not scorch ~

The process of souse cannot be saved, give birth to pink especially, make sure the flesh is qualitative tender slippery.

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