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 Crucian carp fish often is used at cooking, nutrition is rich, nourishing effect is wonderful. Soup of crucian carp fish still has hairdressing effect to the female. Soup of crucian carp fish is frail to the body can improve the health for the personLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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, the way is very simple also, before soup of crucian carp fish is done, had better clear crucian carp fish clean first.

The practice encyclopedia of soup of fish of nutrient crucian carp

 1. Crucian carp fish has been killed abluent and stand-by, salad oil is added on boiler buy fire (very few one man is nodded. Similar 1 yuan of coin are so big area can) . Oily 8 the two sides simmer in water with fast fish is put when becoming heat, the fish after decoct passes is such, next boiled water is put inside boiler, put green Duan Hejiang piece, after big baked wheaten cake leaves, turnNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Medium baking temperature is stewed to Shang Nong white can. After warming good boiling water, put salt and pepper.

The practice encyclopedia of soup of fish of nutrient crucian carp

 2. Buy fresh the crucian carp fish that kills now two, build wants moderate. A scale wants when washing all cleaning, also want in maw abluent, lest soup has fishy smell; After been wash, in the daub on piscine body proper salt, bloat put ten minutes; Get readyShanghai night net

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Sweet green 3, abluent, knot reserves; Cut good Jiang Pian a certain number of (the size according to the fish and quantity) ; Juice of even daub ginger within boiler (prevent piscine skin to stick boiler) , enter salad oil, ignition; Oil shoulds not be too hot, come back fire small, fish of light put down gently enters boiler, put Jiang Pian at the same time, move ammunition big; Decoct shows golden scene to piscine Pi Wei, turn over the fish gently, till the small also yellow that show gold; In the process of decoct, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Notice rotational boiler, make even decoct appears the fish; Move ammunition small, add cold water to flood a fish to beForum of Shanghai night net

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Stop, put the green written guarantee that has had, open conflagration, boil; Turn over the fish, boil 5 minutes again, put right amount salt, continue to boil, till soup shows white showing a grandma; Add gourmet powder, boil two minutes. Prepare the material of delicious fish at the same time: Dip in mature vinegar a few of the fish falls into the bowl, put a few salt, candy, gourmet powder, mix is even. Fill the fish alone in big bowl, crucian carp Yu Shangcheng is in soup bowl; The fish is dipping in to expect eat, soup is drunk namely.

The practice encyclopedia of soup of fish of nutrient crucian carp

 3. Crucian carp fish goes cheek opens chamber to be cleared away clean, delimit with the knife in body of two side fish 3 cut. Decoct of boiler issueing oil is taken out to yellow of two sides gold reserve. Put the fish into arenaceous boiler or inside the stockpot, add right amount water, want to had done not have piscine body the least. Join cooking wine, salt, green paragraph, Jiang Pian. Open conflagration to build boil. Wait for boil to join medlar, change small fire to boil 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, stay of proceedings of rejoin acupuncture needle1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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. Boiler can go out after 5 minutes, scatter shallot end to dress up, delicate finish.

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