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Wing of chicken of braise in soy sauce is delicate have a way, and I1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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People to outside the wing of chicken of braise in soy sauce that place edible goes to, the healthy and wholesome hidden trouble that the likelihood also can worry about to it exists, why to come to what oneself understand it make a method so, start work in him home so finish.

How is wing of chicken of braise in soy sauce done?

, practice

Raw material: Gallinaceous wing a bag (in the wing best, if be to use complete wing, want a wing root, wing tip of medium, wing is apart) . Gallinaceous wing uses Shui Chao. Flavoring: Jiang Pian, green piece, dry chili, Chinese prickly ash, anise, still can add garlic.

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1.Wing of will clean chicken is thoroughlied cook with water. (boil hind is stewed slow with slow fire, add touch of aniseed of green, ginger, Chinese prickly ash, salt among them, pointed chili a few, dried shrimps a few. )

2.Will stew ripe gallinaceous wing fish out to accuse to work.

3.Mix salt, white sugar, cooking wine, gourmet powder and a few vinegar reserve.

4.The blast of gallinaceous wing boil that will accuse to work after oily heat, toForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Golden color, irrigate condiment juice equably, inspect a circumstance to be able to add a few water, stew 5 minutes or so with slow fire (it is with tasty accurate) .

5. starch adds water to tick off Gorgon euryale, a few caraway is added before giving boiler paragraph.

How is wing of chicken of braise in soy sauce done?

2, measure

All 1. flavoring (except green beyond) break broken, put condiment bag, 9 white sugar are put inside oily boiler, fry white sugar to melt – bubbly – bubble subsidise – when white sugar becomes golden look, put the gallinaceous wing that washs clean. Medium baking temperature breaks up fry, turn beautiful gold into yellow till every chicken wing.

2. puts a few hot water, (must not put cold water, because of what already endured heat fleshy piece suffers suddenly cold, skin will be contractive, not easy ripe not easy also tasty) . Water is measured flood gallinaceous wing to go.

3. puts condiment bag and green piece, salt of soy of one small spoon, one spoon. (need not put too much soy, because of fried candy color already enough, and soy is too much can cover the fragrance of gallinaceous wing itself) .

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. Wing of chicken of the firebrand in using is stewed sodden, big firebrand juice changes to close when soup juice becomes little thick, allow with doing boiler to be.

How is wing of chicken of braise in soy sauce done?

3, nutrient value

Contain a lot ofin chicken protein need entirely amino acid, the pattern of amino acid chart in its content and egg, breast is very similar, because this is high grade protein origin.

More B is contained in flesh of pigeon breast chest a group of things with common features vitamin, have restore function of cutaneous of fatigue, protection; More iron is contained to pledge in thigh meat, the ameliorable sex that be short of iron is anaemic; WingShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Rich ossein protein is contained in arm flesh, have the function of aggrandizement blood-vessel, muscle, tendon.

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Chicken contains pair of human body to grow the phosphatide that development has main effect kind, it is a Chinese in prandial structure adipose one of main source with phosphatide.

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