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Glossy ganoderma is medicinal material of very rare a kind of health care, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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And glossy ganoderma use method is more, direct bubble water drinks glossy ganoderma or using wine of glossy ganoderma bubble is possible, stewing at the same time boil glossy ganoderma is joined among a few food, OK also the better sanitarian effect that produces it.

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How does glossy ganoderma take the effect best?

The first: Glossy ganoderma drink

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In bowl is being put after glossy ganoderma section, after adding right amount clear water small fire infusion two hours, it is OK to join right amount honey in medical fluid next direct edible.

How does glossy ganoderma take the effect best?

The 2nd: Glossy ganoderma decoct water

glossy ganoderma section, put into the bowl next, join right amount clear water to undertake decoction. Want decoction 34 times commonly ability is OK, mix all medical juice edible together next.

The 3rd: Glossy ganoderma bubble wine

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It is to cut broken, put into liquor to immerse next, next sealed good. When the color of liquor turns palm into red from white after 3 days, can drink, also can join right amount rock candy according to individual taste or honey. It how glossy ganoderma takes the effect is good how glossy ganoderma takes the effect, this also is a kind of common glossy ganoderma has a way.

How does glossy ganoderma take the effect best?

The 4th: Medicinal food

1, hoof of the glossy ganoderma pig that stew

Material: Glossy ganoderma: Pig hoofShanghai Long Feng forum

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, Jiang He is cooking wine, salt, green, lardy

Practice: Go to pig hoof be being washed clean after Mao Zhi, put boiled water next in scald, in taking out the pot that after washing clean drop to do moisture; to wash glossy ganoderma clean, section; is in clean subsequently, join lardy, ready green ginger is joined to explode after burning heat sweet; puts pig hoof, cooking wine, salt, glossy ganoderma, Qing Dynasty subsequentlyShanghai noble baby

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Small fire is slow after water; conflagration is burned stew, till pig hoof soft sodden can remove boiler edible.

Effect: This cookbook has the effect of very strong nourishing lung kidney, filling head still can calm the nerves in the meantime. If the patient appeared to enrage empty of hematic inadequacy, body, inappetence, memory to drop,wait a circumstance a moment, so this cookbook is a very good choice.

2, glossy ganoderma quail egg soup

Material: Quail egg, glossy ganoderma, red jujube

Practice: Wash glossy ganoderma clean, cut next fine a; is red in egg of clean; quail is being washed to put clear water after the jujube takes out stone, thoroughly cook, remove; of boiler purify crust to feed what all getting ready material to be put into boiler together next, add right amount clear water, small fire is slow after big baked wheaten cake leaves stew, give taste till glossy ganoderma can. It is OK that before having pot, right amount white sugar is joined.

Effect: Have very strong enrich the blood action, the female is drunk more still can reduce wrinkle effectively, defer consenescence.

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