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We know cucumber is very fresh and tender and goluptious, its skin is fragile tender fragile tender, the bursa inside is fullForum of Shanghai night net

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Full juicily, especially the sweet taste that its seed is taking filar silk, fetching aftertaste. But everybody thinks cucumber seed is delicious only that is wrong, it is a kind of delicate food not only, it is a kind of Chinese traditional medicine that can treat a disease more material, so what magical effect does it have after all? Fall in love with the sea

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Hope this article can make everybody new know cucumber seed.

Cucumber seed after all able what

Cucumber seed is one of medicinal material of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, its calcium pledges content is abounded, calcic phosphor scale is appropriate, easy be absorbed by human body, repair bone damages dead, the action of internal lesion caused by overexertion, all through the ages in order to fill calcic powerful body, set a bone is strong bone and by people place hep, eat cucumber seed pink to ache to the lumbar leg of old people, osteoporosis, bone is necrotic have very good improvement action.

Stimulative rejuvenesce

Cucumber seed can adjust between human body viscera interactive, can promote the second birth of human body cell, for cerebrum complement nutrition, enhance human body memory, mediate main and collateral channels.

Relieve a cough expectorant

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The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, cucumber sex is cool, flavour pleasant, avirulent, have dispel the wind, disappear is phlegmy the effect that relieve a cough, can use at treating senile asthma aue to excessive phlegm, the disease such as asthma, folk is multi-purpose cucumber seed pink will treat asthma.

Cucumber seed after all able what

Pink of common cucumber seed effect

1, cucumber seed pink is natural filling calcium preparation, this kind of cucumber has many calcic presence in seed pink, people edible edible can be added laterShanghai Long Feng forum

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Increase bone density, reduce the occurrence of the phenomenon that be short of calcium, the vitamin amount in cucumber seed pink is very additionally much also, often edible is OK nutrient skin, let the skin become more slender.

2, cucumber seed pink has apparent sanitarian effect to human skeleton, can use at deciding bone regeneration and the remedy of rheumatism and arthritis, do not have these disease patients to eat pink of seed of a few cucumber to also can prevent more at ordinary times namely osteoporosis and cramp and all sorts of bone kind the happening of the disease. Cucumber seed pink is right of the mankind splanchnic also have protective effect, can let the organ such as stomach, kidney, lung be in first-rate job status.

3, cucumber seed pink can complement body metabolization place must energy, can reduce what human exhaustion feels to appear, edible also can make the physical strength of people fast restore later, additionally it also has recuperation effect to intestines and stomach, can promote what digest and reduce constipation to appear.

Cucumber seed after all able what

(3) pink of common cucumber seed has what nutrition value

Seed of every kilograms of cucumber contains 898.6 milligram calcium, seed of cucumber of every 100 grams contains 0.72 grams phosphor, e of A of the sylvite that cucumber itself and cucumber seed contain, vitamin, vitamin and microelement calcium, phosphor, iron, can promote the skin bright and clean and tender. The expert points out, calcium is skeletal main component, keep skeletal and able-bodiedLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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, posture is healthy, only calcium of reserve of as soon as possible is qualitative. Be in folk, rasorial fracture, the cucumber seed that eat, natural set a broken bone, cucumber seed treats a disease to already had long history in folk, it is old people the heppest set a broken bone, strong bone and the optimal secret recipe of filling calcium, to liver. Lienal. Stomach. Kidney. Lung. Adjust of the person ” 5 consumptive disease “Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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, “7 injuries ” the disease that waits for viscera, also have restore the function with health care. The absorption of calcium of its can effective stimulative human body, the rate of filling calcium is very rapid, filling calcium effect also is first-rate.

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